Kit and Equipment Rental

(Covid-19 Kit)

Nitrile Disposable Food Safe Gloves

Paper Face Masks

Face Shield

Covid Safety Signage for Crafty 

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizing Wipes, Paper Towels

Beverage & Food Menus

Serving Baskets, Caddies & Trays

Assorted Disposable Single Serve Food Containers, Bags & Wraps

3 Coolers – 2 Beverage & 1 Perishables (with Food Thermometer)

Coffee Maker

Hot Water Kettle

Coffee Airpots

Hot Water Carafe

Hot Beverage Cups, Lids & Sleeves

Cold Beverage Cups, Lids & Straws

Individual Creamers

Individually Wrapped Sugar, Honey, & Sweeteners 

Tea Packet Assortment 

Packs of Gum & Mints, Individually Wrapped Toothpicks

Compostable Napkins & Napkin Holder

Individually Wrapped Silverware

Individual Condiment Packets – Hot Sauce, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup, Salt & Pepper

Individual Medicine Packets – Advil, Tylenol & Pepto Bismol

Individual Immune System Booster Packets – Emergen-C & B12 Energy Drink Mix

Basic First Aid Kit – Bandaids & Alcohol Swabs

Paper Towels

Storage Bags & Containers

Scissors, Sharpies, Tape & Signage

Dry Food & Supply Storage Totes

Additional Items for On Location:

5 Gallon Water Jug

Extension Cord & Power Strip

Bug Spray & Suntan Lotion in Summer

Hand Lotion, Hand Warmers & Kleenex Packets in Winter

Additional Coolers – another Perishables (w/Food Thermometer), 1 Ice Cooler & 1 Set Cooler

LED Lantern & Headlamp

Battery-Run Fan or Electric Heater

Garbage & Recycling Bags

Garbage & Recycling Bins with Signs

Collapsible Wagon

Prep Table

Available for an Additional Charge:

Folding Tables

Pop Up Tent with Walls